Dollar Tree Snow Globe Decor

You will need:

~Snow globe-Dollar Tree

~Bottle brush tree-I got a pack of 3 at Dollar Tree

~ Faux snow pebbles

~Ribbon/ric rac


~Wood slice

~Hot glue-CLICK HERE for the link to my glue gun I use daily.

The first thing I did was unscrew the lid off of the snow globe and remove the plastic insert. The only reason I did that was so that my tree would fit in the globe. If you wanted to make a traditional snowblobe with liquid inside, you would need to use that piece. For this particular diy, I decided not to use liquid. Next, I took one of my brush trees and glued it to the center of the lid. Dollar Tree has several different colors and sizes of these brush trees. I am loving the blush pink color this year so I went with the pink trees.

Next, I took my little foam snow pebbles and poured some in the globe. I would say a 1/4 cup or so. Then I screwed the lid back on the globe.

I had this pedestal on hand so went ahead and glued my globe onto it.

I wanted to cover up the lid of the globe so I took some velvet ribbon trim and wrapped that around the lid followed by another layer or ric rac.

To finish off my snow globe I added a white pom pom to the top and a wood slice to the bottom.

So, what do you think? Pretty stinking’ cute, right?

2023 Family Christmas Tree Reveal

I am excited to share our 2023 family tree with you all! Typically, I don’t share our family ornament tree on the blog as there isn’t as much detail that goes into this one. I save a majority of the room on this tree for all of our family’s ornaments from throughout the years. It has always been a tradition of mine to get the kiddos a new ornament each year. Also, if we travel somewhere special we like to bring home an ornament as a souvenir for our tree. Pretty soon, I am going to need a bigger tree just to be able to put all of the ornaments on! Let me tell ya…they are adding up! It makes me happy to see all of the ornaments up on the tree and it is so fun watching the kids hang them year after year. However, the more ornaments also means the kids are getting older and growing up too fast on me! I’m sure a lot of you can relate! With that, I just try to live in the moment and enjoy each and everyday with them!

I start this tree off just like I do all of my other trees I decorate. I used a neutral colored deco mesh for this tree. You can see exactly how I do this step RIGHT HERE!

Next, I add in my picks throughout my tree. I found these fun picks at Walmart and thought they were perfect for our family tree!

How fun are these bright colors!? I can’t wait to craft with these gorgeous pine cones!

Next up is the ornaments! Each year when picking out the kids’ ornaments I like to find something that resonates with each of them. It’s so fun to look back over the years at all of their ornaments! Such a fun tradition I hope they will carry on with their kiddos! If not, Grandma to the rescue! HaHa!

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!


Grands Biscuit Glazed Donuts

I have to share the easiest donut recipe with you! These are so delicious and super easy to make! The kiddos love to help with these too, which makes for a fun treat!

You will need:

~Grands biscuits

~Oil for frying

~4 tbsp. butter

~1/2 cup milk

~3 cups powdered sugar

~1 tsp. vanilla

The first step is to cut the center out of the biscuits. While you are doing this step you will want to get your oil preheating. I would say around 300 degrees is about right. I like to use the measuring cup from a bottle of medicine for this step. One can of biscuits will give you 8 donut holes and 8 regular donuts.

For the glaze, you will want to add your butter and milk to a saucepan. Once the butter is melted you then whisk in your powdered sugar and vanilla.

Now it’t time to fry up your donuts! I start with my donut holes. These only take about 1 minute per side. Take them directly out of the oil and toss them in the glaze mixture. So stinkin’ yummy you guys!

Repeat this same process for the regular donuts.

How good do these look?! These are a must try for sure! You could also frost them if your family prefers that option as well.

Riggs approves and says he likes the donut holes the best!

Jute Rope Christmas Tree Sign

You will need:

~surface of choice

~jute rope

~mini ornament tags-Walmart



The first thing I did was pick out the surface I wanted to use as well as piece of scrapbook paper I wanted. I am using a “Woodpile” brand frame from Hobby Lobby and some scrapbook paper I had on hand. Any kind will do. I then cut the paper to fit my frame and used mod podge to adhere it to the board.

Next, I took my jute rope and started at the bottom and worked my way up making a tree shape.

I then took more rope and lined the inside of my frame. I like to do this when my scrapbook paper doesn’t quite fit perfectly and it gives it a more finished look!

Now, it’s time to embellish! I found these cute little ornament tags at Walmart and thought they would be perfect for this project!

And of course, a bell for the top of the tree!

For the stem of my tree, I used three little pieces of sticks I had. Again, anything will work. Don’t overthink it!

Cute, fun, and easy just like we like it! Will you be giving this one a try?

2023 Season’s Greetings Christmas Tree

The time has come for another Christmas tree reveal! I love doing this so much! It’s like therapy to me! HaHa! This years tree doesn’t have a specific “color scheme” per say but all the colors come together so well and it turned out so beautiful!

I always start with a blank canvas when I am decorating a tree for the next holiday/season. I found this flocked tree at Walmart for $89 a few years back and it works perfect for my seasonal tree I keep up year round!

Next, I use deco mesh or burlap depending on my theme for my tree. This year I went with a sparkly gold and white mesh. I found the mesh as well as these gorgeous picks at Hobby Lobby. How fun are these!?

Now it’s time to get the mesh on the tree. See my quick and easy hack for this RIGHT HERE!!! Easy enough, right?

Now that that part is done, it’s time to start adding your ornaments, picks, bows, and whatever else you like to decorate your tree with! I have another quick hack for adding deco mesh bows to your tree. You can see that hack RIGHT HERE!!! Who knew deco mesh could be so fun, right? To be honest, I used to despise mesh…but now, I have to say, I am a fan!

I continued to do the mesh bows as needed to fill in wholes in my tree. I used a different color of mesh then the original color I used on the tree and I am loving the contrast!

Now, I simply continues filling in the tree with my different picks and ornaments.

The ornaments I used came from Hobby Lobby as well. How gorgeous are they?!

For the tree topper I used the cute “season’s greetings” sign from my shop! It added the perfect touch!

Isn’t it beautiful? What’s your favorite part? I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort and the Black Hills

As many of you know I visited Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort in September and had the best experience. I wanted to share this with you all in hopes you will someday be able to visit the amazing Black Hills of South Dakota and of course Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort.

If you have never visited South Dakota, you are missing out on an awesome place. Not only does South Dakota have the famous Mount Rushmore, but there are so many other amazing attractions to see as well with Black Hills National Forest being one of those. Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort is the perfect place to call “home” while vacationing in the Black Hills. The resort offers an array of accommodations such as, deluxe cabins, clamping tents, luxury teepees, unique themed treehouses, and of course your standard RV and tent sites. Whether your a “glamper” or a “camper” there is a place for you at Buffalo Ridge Resort.

We attended the Harvest Moon Festival while we were there and it was a blast! Fun for all ages for sure! In my opinion, this is the absolute best time of year to visit the Black Hills. The leaves are changing, temperatures are perfect and of course the smell is always so refreshing! You can view the Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort website HERE for additional information and booking options.

During our stay, we stayed in the Gold Rush themed treehouse! It was so unique and fun! These treehouses are all handcrafted with each treehouse having their own theme.

Another one of my favorite treehouses is “The Coop”. How fun is this? I will definitely be going back and staying in this one to get the full experience!

They also offer amazing glamping tents. These are so fun and definitely something to experience.

Now that I have shown you a few of the awesome amenities Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort has to offer, are you ready to book your trip to the amazing state of South Dakota?

On our way back home from our stay we drove through Custer State Park to do some sightseeing and of course feed the donkeys. Don’t underestimate how fun this can be! If you know, you know! Haha! Also, did I mention that Custer State Park is also well known for their buffalo herd? As you drive through the park your are more than likely going to see a few of them as well as an array of other animals!

As a child we visited the Black Hills every year and some of my best memories are from those trips. I have now continued this tradition on with my own kids. There is just something about this area that is good for the soul and is sure to give you and your family an unforgettable experience. This was definitely a trip to remember and I wanted to share my experience with you all in case you ever make your way to the good ol’ state of SD!