Picture Frame Decor

This project turned out cuter than I ever imagined it could! I found a couple frames in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby and just let my mind wonder. This is what I came up with!


This project is one of my favorites! Who would have thought you could create something so cute with just a few clearance frames!

DIY Terracotta Pot Candy Jar

Supplies I used:
*Small terracotta pot with base
*Glass globe-Dollar Tree
*Wooden ball knob
*Acrylic paint- I used tahiti blue and cranberry for my colors
*Paint brush
*E6000-Click here for affiliate link
*Ribbon and twine

I started out by painting my terracotta pot and the base with my teal color. Once those had dried, I then took my small spouncer to add polka dots to my pot. I also used this same color to paint by knob.

Next, I used E6000 to adhere my knob to the top of the base of the pot and also my glass globe to the bottom side of my pot. Remember that E6000 takes a minimum of 24 hours to fully cure.

Next, I took some buffalo check ribbon and some jute twine and wrapped them around the jar to make a cute little bow. Now, this would be super cute if you painted/decorated your candy jar using certain holiday colors/themes but I wanted one that I could use year round so that’s why I chose not to this time. This would also be a fun project to do with your kiddos!

Stinkin’ cute and easy, right? Will you be making one of these cuties?

DIY Budget Friendly Christmas Gifts


*Oven mitt-Dollar Tree

*Sugar cookie mix-Dollar Tree or Wal-mart

*Cookie cutters-Dollar Tree

*Hot cocoa mix

*Small Christmas container-Dollar Tree

*Candy cane sticks

*Mini marshmallows-Dollar Tree


As we all know Christmas can be a very spendy holiday to say the least so I wanted to show you a few different ideas for you to be able create budget friendly gifts. These are great for teachers, secret santas, daycare providers, co-workers, etc. Almost all of my supplies for this came from the Dollar Tree except for my cookie mix and my curly bows which came from Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby.

To start out I simply took the cookie mix and stuck it inside of the oven mitt. Next I used a piece of a curly ribbon bow that I had from Hobby Lobby to tie a cookie cutter to the loop on the oven mitt. I had a couple extra spoons from making these gifts last year so I also stuck one of those in with the cookie mix. How easy is that? For under $5 you have the perfect gift that your loved one is sure to love!

For the next gift we are basically making a hot cocoa bar all in one container. I found these cute little Santa containers at the Dollar Tree. They also had some with snowflakes on them that were super cute and I’m wishing I would have grabbed a few more of these! I instantly knew what I was going to do with this container so I picked up a box of Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix, candy cane sticks, and a pack of mini marshmallows. Who doesn’t love some hot cocoa this time of year, right?

I started off by sticking three packets of hot cocoa mix in my container, followed by three candy cane sticks and then filled the remainder of the container with mini marshmallows.

Next I put the lid on and stuck a cute little bow on top. Whats not to love about this? So cute and fun! I used a bow that I got from Hobby Lobby, but they have gift bows at the Dollar Tree that would be just as cute!

Now, whats even better about these little gifts is that you can get all of your supplies from ONE place. Dollar Tree can be your one stop shop for everything you need for these. Of course if you don’t have a Dollar Tree you can obviously get these supplies at other places so don’t panic! I hope this blog post was helpful and will save you a little bit of money this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!