DIY Pom Pom Boo Sign

You will need:

-surface of choice, mine came from Hobby Lobby

-Yarn pom poms-Dollar Tree


-black and lime green paint

-Halloween fabric and embellishments if bow is desired

-hot glue gun- click HERE for the link to the one I use daily!

The first thing I did was take my pouncer and used the black paint to make the letter “B” with polka dots. Once the black had dried, I then used my lime tree color paint to add polka dots between all of the block dots. I added glitter to the black dots at first and then decided I didn’t care for that look so went over the black dots again to cover up the glitter!

Next, I glued on two pom poms for the letter “O”. I believe I found these Halloween colored poms at the Dollar Tree. Super fun to use for Halloween crafts!

Now it’s time for the bow! I used some Halloween fabric I had on hand and some black glittery vine to make a simple criss cross bow. I tore the fabric into 1 inch pieces about 4 inches long each and added in some of the black vine as well. Then to finish off the bow, I added a purple button!

This is the black vine I used in the bow. I found this at Michaels and has been a fun addition to my craft stash for sure!

BOO! Do you love how it turned out? So fun and easy!

Fall/Halloween Reversible Pumpkin Décor

You will need:

*Pumpkin cut-out-mine came from Michaels

*Halloween fabric-Wal-Mart

*Fall scrapbook paper

*Mod podge

*Jute twine

*Fall/Halloween picks

*Sanding block

When I seen these cute little pumpkin cut-outs at Michaels the other day, I knew I had to have a few of them. It didn’t take me long to figure out what I was gonna do with this one.

The first I did was take my pumpkin and trace one side on the fabric and one side on the scrapbook paper. I then cut them out and used mod podge to adhere them to each side of the pumpkin. Don’t panic if you have some excess fabric/paper hanging over the edge. Take your sanding block around the edges and it will take care of the excess for you.

Now to finish off the stem, I simply took some jute twine and wrapped the stem.

Also when I was at Michaels I found this super cute Halloween pick and knew I had to have it too! I cut a few pieces off and glued them on right at the bottom of the stem.

I did the same thing on the other side. I used a few pieces of some floral picks I had laying around and tada!

Once your ready to change up your decor for Halloween all you have to do is flip it around! Doesn’t get much easier than that now does it?

No Sew Candy Corn Pillow Décor

Supplies needed:

*Waverly fat quarter fabric (Wal-Mart)


*Hot glue gun-click here for my affiliate link to the cordless glue gun I use


*Raffia and ribbon-optional

The first thing I did was round up some yellow, orange, and white fabric. I found these fat quarters of fabric at Wal-Mart but you can find them anywhere that sells fabric or craft supplies. I had the poly-fil on hand but you can also find this at any store that sells craft/sewing items.

Next I took my yellow fabric and folded it in half. I then took my scissors and cut the base shape that I wanted for my candy corn. You want to make sure you have some good, sharp fabric scissors for this project.

Next, I did the same thing with my orange fabric.

Once you have your fabric cut to the correct shape you want to cut through the bottom fold as shown above. Repeat the same step with the white fabric. Don’t forget to cut through the bottom fold on the white fabric as well.

Now, it’s time to start gluing the candy corn together! Yep that’s right…it’s a no sew pillow! I first started by gluing together the sides of the yellow fabric, leaving the top open for stuffing. Next, I lined up the orange fabric to where it needed to be and then folded the bottom edge under for a more finished look and glued that down. I repeated the same step to the back of the candy corn. Remember to leave the middle seams of the front and back of the candy corn open for stuffing.

Next, you will do the same thing to the white fabric. Don’t panic if your fabric doesn’t line up perfectly as you can go back and trim it once you get your candy corn glued together. Make sure and leave the top of the white fabric open so you can put the stuffing in.

Now it’s time to stuff the candy corn. I like to use a wooden stick or dowel to help push the stuffing through. Once you have it as full as you would like then you an glue shut the top of the candy corn.

Once I had my candy corn all glued together I went around and trimmed up where I needed to and round the top a bit. It needed a little something more so I tied some raffia around the middle.

It looks adorable just like this but of course I had to add a bow to mine! I just used a few different patterns of ribbon and crisscrossed my pieces to make a quick and easy bow.

Dollar Tree Jack-O-Lantern Hanger


*Jack-o-lantern blank(Dollar Tree)


*Scrapbook Paper

*Mod Podge

*Paint Brush

*Ribbon/raffia(if you want a bow)

I started off by mixing my two paint colors together. I used Anita’s “Pumpkin Orange”, and Apple Barrel “Tuscan Red” for my paint colors. Next, I painted my pumpkin, leaving the eyes, nose, and mouth unpainted as we will be covering them with scrapbook paper next.

Next I took my scrapbook paper and traced over the eyes, nose, and mouth and then cut the pieces out.

Once I had that done, I took my mod podge and adhered the scrapbook paper to my pumpkin. If you pieces of paper don’t fit the shapes on the pumpkin just right, don’t worry. You can always go back and use a sanding block to sand off the excess paper on the edges.

Next, I used a piece of jute twine to add a hanger to my pumpkin.

To finish off this cutie I simply made a cute little bow by criss-crossing a few different patterns of ribbon and adding some raffia to finish it off.

DIY Spider Web Wreath

*Grapevine Wreath-Hobby Lobby
*Spider Web Hanger-Dollar Tree
*Halloween Picks-Dollar Tree
*Happy Halloween Witch Hanger-Dollar Tree
*Rubber Spiders-Dollar Tree
*Hot Glue Gun

All of my supplies for this project came from the Dollar Tree except for the grapevine wreath which I got at Hobby Lobby. So, for under $10 you can create your own super cute, Halloween wreath!

The first thing I did was hot glue my spider web onto my grapevine wreath. Once I had that secured down I started adding in my picks. I had several different picks that I had picked up at different stores but in the end I ended up using the picks I found at the Dollar Tree. Can you tell I kind of like that place a little bit? HaHa! I simply just stuck the stems of the picks into the grapevine wreath. You can also secure them with hot glue if needed.

After I had my picks arranged how I wanted them I took my witch hanger and cut it apart. I then glued the hat and the legs onto my wreath. I saved the middle sign that said “Happy Halloween” to use on a different project but you could certainly stick it on there if you wanted to!

Next I added a few rubber spiders throughout to finish it off! Quick, easy, and budget friendly! Just the way we like it, right?

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Man

*Candle Holder-Dollar Tree
*Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin-Dollar Tree
*Rubber Spiders-Dollar Tree
*Witch Hat-Wal-Mart
*Black Paint-I used Apple Barrel from Wal-mart
*Ribbon and Raffia for bow
*Paint Brush
*Hot Glue Gun

This project was so fun to make and I just love how it turned out. The first thing I did was use my black paint to paint my Dollar Tree candle holder black. I then sprinkled my glitter on quick before the paint started to dry. I had this glitter on hand and it happened to be glow in the dark so I thought what the heck that might look pretty cool…and it did! I got the glitter at Hobby Lobby last year so I’m sure you could still grab yourself some if you wanted.

Once the candle holder was try I then hot glued the pumpkin onto the top of the candle holder and then added the hat. I got this cute little witch hat at Wal-mart the other day and it just happen to go perfectly with this project.

Next, I made a quick bow using a few different styles of ribbon and raffia and then glued that on right under the pumpkin. The black ribbon with polka-dots came from Hobby Lobby and the skinnier purple and orange ribbon came from the Dollar Tree.

Next I added a couple rubber spiders that I had left over from another project to make it look a little more spooky.