February 15th, 2023

The date February 15th, 2023 will always be one I remember. This was the day I got the keys for my first official “warehouse” for my business. Holy cow was I excited! This was a much needed component for Lraedesign to continue to grow and be able to serve my people in the best way possible. To say this was a blessing is an understatement! I am so excited to for the future and hope you will all come along for the ride!

I started my business in February of 2019 and finally, after four years, all of my days and nights working from my kitchen table have paid off. Yes, seriously…my business was based out of my double wide mobile home for FOUR YEARS!!! I can’t quite believe it myself! The only area I had to do my crafts and store all of my supplies was smack dab in the center of the kitchen. This just goes to show that if you want something bad enough you will do what it takes to get there. And I did just that! I often thought about what it would be like when that day finally came. I honestly had no idea when that would be and I just knew that I was living my dream and I was gonna keep doing whatever I had to do to be able to provide for my family and continue growing my small business.

When I first started my business back in 2019, it was just a side gig…nothing too major as I was a full time hairstylist. Each year I would make more and more income with my side gig and knew that was what I wanted to do full time as soon as it was feasible. Fast forward to October 2021…This was my last month in the salon doing hair and seeing my clients. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. My clients were like my family. I knew so much about them and they knew so much about me. It was SO HARD to leave them but they knew I was doing what was right for me and that I was pursuing my dream. They were all SO SUPPORTIVE! Change is HARD you guys but it is SO WORTH IT!!! Take the chance, make the change, and chase your dreams!

As my business coach always says, “do it scared”-Brooke Riley

South Dakota Blizzard of 2022 “Elliot”

Hello, friends! I have decided to write a blog post all about our big South Dakota blizzard of 2022 to help put it into perspective for those of you unfamiliar with our area. Although the blizzard shut the entire state down for days, there was also some amazing beauty that came from it. They have nicknamed this storm “Elliott”.

I have gathered several pictures from throughout the western and central areas of the state. Snowfall totals ranged anywhere from 6-36 inches along the plains into the central part of the state.

No words needed!
This picture was taken at a local truck stop during the storm.
This was one of the many cars buried during the blizzard. It took several days for everyone to get dug out.
South Dakota beauty!
Best little helper around!
This was outside my parents downstairs door.
Winds blew up to 60 mph and the windchill got down to -40 to -60 below. Frigid and dangerous for all!
The toll it took on the livestock was absolutely heartbreaking. Many herds were driven miles away from their homes due to the wind and drifting snow. After the storm finally ended, days later, local farmers and ranchers helped one another locate their livestock.
My hometown’s water tower!
Bridge underpass.
And of course we can’t leave out a picture of our newest member of the family, Oakes!
South Dakota State Capital…beautiful!

Dollar Tree Crackle Pumpkin Decor

You will need:

*Pumpkin cut-out-Dollar Tree

*Mod podge

*Orange paint

*Waverly “moss” paint

*Khaki apple barrel paint


The first step is to paint your pumpkin orange and your stem with the khaki color.

Once that is dry, you will then brush on a coat of mod podge. You can also use Elmer’s glue for this step if you don’t mod podge on hand.

Once that is dry it is now time to paint the pumpkin with the Waverly “moss” color.

As this starts to dry, it will begin to crackle. Once dried completely I also ran my sanding block over it to expose a little more of the orange color underneath.

Next, I took a strip of this rust colored burlap and cut it to fit across the center of the pumpkin. I found this at Hobby Lobby in the Fall section.

I used mod podge to glue this down and then added the “blessed” word on top. This pack of words also came from Hobby Lobby.

Now to finish the project off, I made a bow using a Fall ribbon I had on hand from Michael’s and some orange deco mesh from Dollar Tree. I simply crisscrossed the ribbon and mesh and tied in the center with a piece of jute twine.

So, what do you think? Pretty stinkin’ cute if you ask me! Be sure to share a picture if you give this project a try!

DIY Easter Egg Garland

You will need:

-Easter egg ornaments(Hobby Lobby)

-Jute twine

-Pastel wood beads(Hobby Lobby)

To start the garland I tied a double knot in one end of my jute twine leaving a small loop on the end to use for hanging.

I found the eggs and the wood beads at Hobby Lobby. You don’t have to use these specific items but you will want to make sure the eggs you use have a string attached to them so they can hang from the garland. I did three wood beads and then one of the eggs for my pattern but you could certainly change it up for a different look.

Once I had all of my eggs and beads strung, I then tied a loop on this end just as I did on the other end of the garland. This turned out adorable! You could also add some tassels to each end of the garland if desired!

Lacy’s Favorite Amazon Craft Supplies and Links

I get lots of questions on where I get some of my favorite craft supplies that I use on my live videos so I have put together a blog post to make it easier for you all to find these products with one click! I have included the link for the these products so all you have to do is click on my affiliate link and it will take you straight to the product. If you prefer to shop the items all in one spot, simply click HERE and it will take you directly to my Amazon page where I have all of the products listed for you there as well!

affiliate link-https://amzn.to/3wcQaz8
These are my favorite paint pens that I use a lot during my lives!
affiliate link-https://amzn.to/3wgu0vR
I love to craft with these half wooden beads!
affiliate link-https://amzn.to/3dpbw3E
If I am buying wood beads in bulk these are my go to. I also like to grab them at Hobby Lobby if I can find them on clearance.
affiliate link-https://amzn.to/3wfhL2K
This is my cordless glue gun that I use in all of my live videos. I have had this for over two years and it is still going strong!
affiliate link-https://amzn.to/3rEaQwo
A good set of paint brushes is a must for me. This set includes several different styles of brushes for any project!
affiliate link-https://amzn.to/2Pf1fzd
I have used the skeleton keys on several projects and you all have loved them!
affiliate link-https://amzn.to/39yKe9Q
Jute twine is a staple for any crafter, right? I use this regular jute twine all the time and I also like to use the jute rope as well. You can find that at this link https://amzn.to/2QW2Jic
affiliate link-https://amzn.to/3dhNY0E
And last but not least is raffia! This sure makes a mess but I just love the look of it on any project!

I hope this compiled list of some of my favorite Amazon supplies makes it easier to shop these items and inspires you to create something beautiful!


Diy Christmas Gift Box Sign


*Wood-my piece was 2 ft. tall by 10 in. wide

*Christmas Gift Boxes-10 pack from Wal-mart

*Paint-I used the color deep burgundy by Decor Art from Hobby Lobby

*Mod Podge

*Paint Brush


*Sanding Block-optional

*Ribbon and Raffia-optional

I did this project live but it was a fan favorite so I had to put it on the blog too!

This could be used both inside or outside as long as it is sealed properly! I absolutely love how this turned out! What do you guys think?