DIY Halloween Pumpkin Man

*Candle Holder-Dollar Tree
*Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin-Dollar Tree
*Rubber Spiders-Dollar Tree
*Witch Hat-Wal-Mart
*Black Paint-I used Apple Barrel from Wal-mart
*Ribbon and Raffia for bow
*Paint Brush
*Hot Glue Gun

This project was so fun to make and I just love how it turned out. The first thing I did was use my black paint to paint my Dollar Tree candle holder black. I then sprinkled my glitter on quick before the paint started to dry. I had this glitter on hand and it happened to be glow in the dark so I thought what the heck that might look pretty cool…and it did! I got the glitter at Hobby Lobby last year so I’m sure you could still grab yourself some if you wanted.

Once the candle holder was try I then hot glued the pumpkin onto the top of the candle holder and then added the hat. I got this cute little witch hat at Wal-mart the other day and it just happen to go perfectly with this project.

Next, I made a quick bow using a few different styles of ribbon and raffia and then glued that on right under the pumpkin. The black ribbon with polka-dots came from Hobby Lobby and the skinnier purple and orange ribbon came from the Dollar Tree.

Next I added a couple rubber spiders that I had left over from another project to make it look a little more spooky.

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