Reverse Canvas Button Christmas Tree

I could seriously do Christmas crafts all year long if I had the time!  Christmas is my favorite holiday and as far as I’m concerned you can never have too much Christmas décor!


*12×12 Burlap Canvas(Mine came from Hobby Lobby)

*Crimson Waverly Chalk Paint(Wal-Mart)

*Paint Brush

*Assortment of Red and Green Buttons(Wal-Mart)

*Various Christmas Ribbon(most of mine came from Hobby Lobby)

*Staple Remover(optional)


*Hot Glue Gun-click here for my affiliate link


*Small Twigs

If you have never done a reverse canvas before this will walk you through how to do it step by step.  They are seriously so easy to do and turn out awesome every time!

I first start out my removing all of the staples from the back of the canvas.  If you don’t have a staple remover you can a pair of scissor or a knife to do so as well.

Once all of the staples are out you can go ahead and paint the frame so it can be drying as you do the next step.  If you want a more rustic look you can also try staining the frame.  I do this often as well as I love the rustic look for certain projects!  Isn’t it crazy how nice of frame is actually under the canvas?

While the frame dries you will want to cut your canvas down to fit the frame.  I simply just follow along the fold lines from where the canvas was on the frame.

Next you will hot glue your canvas back to your frame.  Be sure you have the front side of the canvas face down when you are gluing your canvas to the back of the frame.  I like to do one side at a time so i can be sure I am getting the canvas pulled tight when gluing it down.

Now your ready to start the fun part.   I thought it would be cute to add some ribbon to my tree to give it a little more color but you could certainly just do the buttons if you wanted.  I started at the top with one button and worked my way down alternating one row of ribbon then one row of buttons.

Once you have your tree completed you will then glue your twigs on for the base of the tree.

Of course this is cute just like it is but you know me….I have to add a bow!  If you have followed me for long you probably already know how I like to make my bows but if not I’ll show you again!  Or maybe you have your own type of bows you like to use and that is perfectly fine too!

I simply just take a few different pieces of ribbon and layer them on top of each other and criss cross them. Next, I always like to bunch up a little bit of raffia and stick it in the center of my bows.  Then, to tie off the bow I take a couple extra strands of raffia and wrap it around the center, tie it as tight as you can on the back of the bow and then cut off the excess flyaways.

After I get my bow tied I turn it over and mess with it a bit to get it to look just the way I want it.  I decided I liked my bow centered on this project so I put a dab of hot glue and stuck it down.  It would look cute on the side as well.  Totally up to you!  What do you all think?