Grandma Pat’s Angel Food Dessert

You will need:

~1-9 inch angel food cake

~2-8 oz.packages cream cheese

~16 oz. whipped topping

~1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

~1 tsp. vanilla extract

~2-21 oz. cans cherry pie filling

The first step is to either bake an angel food cake or buy an already made cake. Either one will work just fine! As you can see here, I baked my own cake and let cool completely before the next step.

Next, tear up the cake into pieces in a 10×13 dish.

The next step is to combine your cream cheese, whipped topping, powdered sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Once you have that mixture done you will add that to your pieces of angel food cake and mix until all pieces are covered.

You can see the full video of this process HERE!

To finish off your desert, simply pour both cans of your pie filling over the top and chill your desert until you’re ready to serve! If you’re not a big cherry fan you can switch out the cherry pie filling for either mixed berry, strawberry, or blueberry as well. All will be delicious!

Side note-if your wanting a lighter version of this desert, simply use fat free or light cream cheese and whipped topping and zero sugar pie filling to save yourself a few calories!

It’s time to dig in! Let me know what you think!

Creamy Dill Pickle Dip

You will need:

~Cream Cheese

~Sour Cream

~Dill Pickle Relish

~Powdered Ranch Seasoning

~SPG(salt, pepper,garlic)

~Onion Powder

~Dried Minced Onion

This is one of our all time favorite dips that we make at our house. I know there are several different ways to make a pickle dip and they are all so delicious! The nice thing about this recipe is that you can substitute the cream cheese and sour cream for the light or reduced fat to lower the calories.

Simply combine all of the above ingredients and stir together. That’s it…and you will have a yummy dip to share or keep all to yourself! HaHa! I didn’t put exact measurements on this recipe as it just varies depending how many you are serving. I just do equal parts of the cream cheese and sour cream and then just add in the relish to taste. Same with the seasonings. Of course, you could also just chop up regular dill pickles for this as well but why not take the easy way with the relish, right?

I like to serve mine with these Stacy’s brand pita chips for a little extra crunch! Let me know what you think!

Pickle Roll Ups



*1 8oz. Box Cream Cheese

*Powdered Ranch Packet

*Thin Sliced Ham

*Pickle Spears

These are my go to food for any party or event we go to! They are guaranteed to be a hit! You can also make a lighter version of these by using low fat cream cheese and low carb/fat tortillas.

Start off by mixing your cream cheese and powdered ranch together. I like to let the cream cheese sit out for awhile to make it easer to mix. Next spread your mixture on the tortilla, add the ham and pickle spears and roll them up. I usually use 5-6 slices of ham depending on the size of tortilla you are using.

Slice them up and enjoy!