DIY Spider Web Wreath

*Grapevine Wreath-Hobby Lobby
*Spider Web Hanger-Dollar Tree
*Halloween Picks-Dollar Tree
*Happy Halloween Witch Hanger-Dollar Tree
*Rubber Spiders-Dollar Tree
*Hot Glue Gun

All of my supplies for this project came from the Dollar Tree except for the grapevine wreath which I got at Hobby Lobby. So, for under $10 you can create your own super cute, Halloween wreath!

The first thing I did was hot glue my spider web onto my grapevine wreath. Once I had that secured down I started adding in my picks. I had several different picks that I had picked up at different stores but in the end I ended up using the picks I found at the Dollar Tree. Can you tell I kind of like that place a little bit? HaHa! I simply just stuck the stems of the picks into the grapevine wreath. You can also secure them with hot glue if needed.

After I had my picks arranged how I wanted them I took my witch hanger and cut it apart. I then glued the hat and the legs onto my wreath. I saved the middle sign that said “Happy Halloween” to use on a different project but you could certainly stick it on there if you wanted to!

Next I added a few rubber spiders throughout to finish it off! Quick, easy, and budget friendly! Just the way we like it, right?

Dollar Tree Halloween Door Hanger

This Halloween door hanger will be the perfect addition to your Halloween decor! And the even better part is that you can make it for under $5! Can you believe it!?

Supples used:
-2 Witches Legs-Dollar Tree
-BOO Hanger-Dollar Tree
-Rubber Spiders-Dollar Tree
-Hot Glue Gun
-Ribbon and Raffia-Dollar Tree

I did this project live on my page! Check it out below!

Is everyone as obsessed with the Dollar Tree as I am? Haha! I just love to create budget friendly crafts for everyone and Dollar Tree definitely nails it with their holiday decor!

Scrap Wood Halloween Gnome


*Scrap wood-I used a 2×4

*Halloween fabric remnant-Wal-Mart

*Wood bead



*Apple Barrel Paint-Harvest Orange

*Hot Glue Gun

*Paint brush

I started off by painting by piece of wood with my orange paint. My piece of wood was in rough shape on one end so I made that the end that the hat would go on. I knew that end was going to be covered so I didn’t bother painting it all the way to that end.

Once my paint had dried I started gluing my raffia on for the beard. I cut my raffia in to 6-7 inch pieces.

It will look a little crazy until you get the hat on and get the beard trimmed but trust me it will be so cute in the end!

Next I took my fabric remnant that I got from Wal-Mart and glued one side to the back of my gnome and wrapped it tightly around the other side forming a cone shape. I did trim my fabric down just a bit so it with fit better on my board. I then took a few shorter pieces of raffia to tie on the end of the hat. I also chose to add a pom-pom on top of the raffia to dress the hat up a little more.

Next I painted my wood bead orange. I like to use a wooden skewer when painting my beads to make it a little easier but if you don’t have one no biggie you can just hold it between your fingers.

While my bead was drying I trimmed up my raffia beard and messed with it a bit to get it to lay how I wanted and then glued on my wood bead for the nose.