DIY Farmhouse Riser


*1 3/4 Inch Ball Knobs(Hobby Lobby)

*12 Inch Round Panel(I got mine from Menards)

*White Paint

*Paint Brush

*Sand Paper or Sanding Block

*Hot Glue Gun-affiliate link for cordless glue gun I use in my live videos.

This project is seriously so easy I can’t believe I am just now doing it! There are only three steps to this cute little project and anyone can do this.

The first step is to paint your round board and your wooden ball knobs with any paint you prefer. I used a white acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby but seriously any paint will work for this.

Next once everything was dry I took a sanding block and distressed my piece of wood. The amount of distressing will depend on your taste. I like to make mine noticeably distressed as I prefer the more aged farmhouse look.

The last step is to simply glue on your feet(knobs) to the bottom of your riser. I used 4 knobs for mine and it works perfectly. You could also use E6000 to adhere your feet to your riser but I didn’t have any on hand so just used hot glue instead and that worked just fine.

I am so excited to decorate my new riser for the different holidays! What do you all think? Super cute, affordable, and soo easy to do! Just the way I like it!

Scrap Wood Farmhouse Ladder


*2-40 Inch 2×4 Boards

*3-13 Inch 2×4 Boards

* 2 1/4 Inch Screws


*Paint/Stain of your choice-Here is the affiliate link for the paint I used.

*Paint Brush

*Sanding Block

This project is seriously so easy! Now, I used scrap wood on my ladder just because I have a ton of it laying around! If you do not have scrap wood you can just use regular 2×4 boards. My pieces of wood were already cut to these lengths so instead of complicating it I just kept them the lengths they were. So obviously if you would like your ladder to be taller than 40 inches you would would just adjust your lengths accordingly! For the steps of the ladder my pieces were 13 inches wide but like I said just do whatever works for you depending on the size of the ladder you want!

Once you have all of your pieces the lengths you want them simply lay out your pieces and screw it together! I left 10 inch gaps between the steps on my ladder.

Once I had my boards screwed together I went over it with my sander. This step may be optional depending on the boards you use. Since I used scrap wood my boards definitely needed some sanding!

Now it’s time to add your paint or stain. I went back and forth on what I wanted to do with mine but decided to use white chalk paint since that’s what I had on hand.

Once my paint dried I went back over it all with my sanding block to add some distressing. If you don’t have a sanding block you could also use a piece of sand paper or an orbital sander. You will want to use a coarser grit on this.

I just love decorating with these ladders! They are so versatile and you can dress it up differently for each season!

Scrap Wood Picture Holder

Supplies Used:

*Scrap Wood-If you don’t have any on hand you can get pieces of wood at Hobby Lobby.


*Faux Cotton Pods(Hobby Lobby)

*Metal Clip

*Mod Podge

*Paint Brush

*Hot Glue Gun-Affiliate Link


*Ribbon(Dollar Tree)

*Raffia(Dollar Tree)

The first thing I did was cut my piece of burlap down to the size I wanted it and then I used my paint brush and mod podge to glue it on to the center of my piece of wood. I brushed some mod podge on the board first and then laid the burlap down and added more mod podge to the top. Remember, this will dry clear.

Next while that was drying, I hot glued my metal clip and my 3 cotton pods on. If your not a fan of the cotton pods I thought it would look cute to wrap some jute twine around the bottom also. Or, if your piece of wood is shorter you may not need to add anything to the bottom.

Of course the project wouldn’t be complete without a bow, right? Many of you have seen how I make my bows but just in case you haven’t I will show you below.

I then hot glued my bow on and added a picture. These would make great gifts for your loved ones for any occasion or just to add to your own home décor!

I got my ribbon and my raffia all from the Dollar Tree. If you haven’t checked out the craft section there…your missing out! I’m sure you could find the burlap and metal clips there as well but I already had those on hand.

“Hello” Grapevine Wreath

Hey guys! I decided it was time to go out with the Easter décor and in with the more neutral Spring décor.  I really enjoy creating cute grapevine wreaths for each season/holiday so I always make sure I have a couple on hand at all times!  Here are a list of supplies I used for this one.

  • Grapevine wreath (Hobby Lobby)
  • Wooden “hello” cutout (Hobby Lobby)
  • Floral sprigs of your choice (Hobby Lobby)
  • Apple Barrel paint-I used the Key West color
  • Paint brush
  • Ribbon of your choice for bow (optional)
  • Raffia (optional)
  • Scissors/wire cutters
  • Glue gun-here is my affiliate link for the cordless one I use

Now for the fun part!  The first thing I did was paint my “hello” so it could be drying while I assemble the rest of the wreath.

Next it’s time to add your floral sprigs to the grapevine wreath. There is no right or wrong way to do this.  I just stick mine directly in the wreath. If need be you can certainly use your glue gun to secure them.

I always like to add a bow to my wreaths but you definitely wouldn’t have to if you didn’t want to! If you have watched any of my videos on my Facebook page you have probably seen me make this bow before. I found my ribbon at the dollar tree but you can use anything you have on hand. I like to use wired burlap as the base of my bow and one or two other types of ribbon.  After you have chosen your ribbon you will want to cut your pieces of ribbon to similar lengths. Usually 4-5 inches is ideal depending on the size of bow desired.

I like to throw in some raffia to add a little something extra to my bow so just grab a bunch and put it right in the center of your bow. You will then take a couple extra strands of the raffia to wrap around the center of your bow to tie it off.  You will want to flip your bow over and tie the extra strands of raffia as tight as you can to form your bow.

Once you have finished tying your bow you can cut off the excess raffia from the back and then flip your bow over and mess with it until you get it how you like it.

Now you are ready to glue on your “hello” and your bow!