Grands Biscuit Glazed Donuts

I have to share the easiest donut recipe with you! These are so delicious and super easy to make! The kiddos love to help with these too, which makes for a fun treat!

You will need:

~Grands biscuits

~Oil for frying

~4 tbsp. butter

~1/2 cup milk

~3 cups powdered sugar

~1 tsp. vanilla

The first step is to cut the center out of the biscuits. While you are doing this step you will want to get your oil preheating. I would say around 300 degrees is about right. I like to use the measuring cup from a bottle of medicine for this step. One can of biscuits will give you 8 donut holes and 8 regular donuts.

For the glaze, you will want to add your butter and milk to a saucepan. Once the butter is melted you then whisk in your powdered sugar and vanilla.

Now it’t time to fry up your donuts! I start with my donut holes. These only take about 1 minute per side. Take them directly out of the oil and toss them in the glaze mixture. So stinkin’ yummy you guys!

Repeat this same process for the regular donuts.

How good do these look?! These are a must try for sure! You could also frost them if your family prefers that option as well.

Riggs approves and says he likes the donut holes the best!