Blessed Shamrock Shelf Sitter

You will need:

~surface of choice-mine is from Hobby Lobby

~scrapbook paper-mine is from Hobby Lobby

~mod podge

~sanding block




I found my surface in the Hobby Lobby clearance section for $1.99. I take a stroll down the clearance isle every time I go to the store. You never what kind of deals you might find! The scrapbook paper I used is also from Hobby Lobby.

The first thing I did was mod podge my scrapbook paper onto my surface and then sanded any excess paper that was hanging over.

Next, I glued on my shamrock with hot glue and E6000 both. This shamrock was from my shop last year but any shamrock will work.

To finish off my cute little shelf sitter, I added a jute bow with a button in the center.

What do you think? Easy, budget friendly, and cute, yes please! Will you be giving this one a try?

XOXO Valentine’s Decor

You will need:

*Surface of choice-I picked this sign up from the Dollar Tree

*Decor Art “Green Lagoon” paint

*Apple Barrel “Snow White” paint

*Wooden hearts-Dollar Tree

*Scrapbook paper-Hobby Lobby

*Mod Podge


*Jute twine

First, I turned my sign over and painted the back with my green lagoon paint. Once that had dried I took my white paint and dry brushed over my base color to get my desired look.

Next, I traced my hearts on to my scrap book paper, cut them out and used mod podge to adhere the paper to the hearts.

Now, its time to put the project together. I found this buffalo check ribbon at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be cute to use for the “X”. Then obviously I used the hearts for the “O”. Looking cute already but of course we have to add a bow and why not a little jute twine. For the bow I just used a few different patterns/textures of ribbon and simply crisscrossed them to make my bow.

DIY Decorative Balls

Why pay more than you have to for cute décor when you can make it yourself for half the price?  I will show you how to make two different kinds of decorative balls on a budget!

Supplies you will need:

*Floramat Moss Mat (I got mine at Wal-Mart)

*2 Foam Balls (Dollar Tree)

*1-2 Packs Faux Cotton Pod Accents-depending on size of foam balls (Hobby Lobby)

*Jute Twine


*Glue Gun (Affiliate Link for my cordless glue gun I use-

For the cotton pod ball all you have to do is simply start hot gluing the pods to your ball.  Don’t be afraid to use a lot of glue!  I like to use the 2 Inch size for these ones as they turn out quite a bit bigger than you would expect.

Once I get all of my pods glued on and the glue has dried you can go back through and pull the cotton a little bit to fill your gaps. Easy enough, right?

Next for the moss balls I like to use 3 Inch foam balls. The sheet of floramat is plenty big so I like to cut my sheet into fourths.  If you were using smaller sized balls you could easily cut your floramat into sixths and still have plenty.

Once you have your desired size of moss cut you will then peel the backing off of the back and begin to wrap around your ball.  The moss is farely stretchy so don’t be afraid to pull on it to form it around the ball.

I like to cut off any excess moss to avoid having lumps.  Secure any areas that may be sticking out with hot glue.

You can either leave them just like this or you can add twine to dress it up a bit.  If you decide to add twine you will just simply add a dab of hot glue to secure the beginning and continue to wrap the twine around your ball.

When you have your desired amount of twine you will just secure the end down with hot glue and your done!  Now your ready to decorate with your new décor!


DIY Spring Vase Decor

Are you ready to transition your home for Spring? These cute DIY vases will be the perfect addition!

First step is to gather all of your supplies. The vase came from Dollar Tree for $1 of course. I used two colors of Waverly chalk paint from Walmart. The colors I used were Agave and Peacock. I mixed the two colors until I achieved the teal color I was going for. The floral sprigs came from Hobby Lobby. I bought these on a week when florals were 50% off so were around $3 each. I always have the jute twine on hand so I just used some from my craft stash.

Now it’s time to create! I used a paper plate to mix my paint to the desired color. I then apply the first coat to the vase. Depending on your desired look you may want to do a second coat, I did not.

Once your vase has dried completely it’s time to glue the twine on. You want to be sure that you start and stop the twine on the back side of your vase. Simply add some hot glue and begin to wrap your twine around your vase until you have you desired amount. Once you have finished wrapping the twine secure it with another dab of hot glue on the back of the vase. I like to use my cordless glue gun for this so you don’t have to mess with the pesky cord.

You are now ready to add your florals and decorate your home with your new décor!